I had an awesome time doing this engagement shoot at the Unangst Tree Farm near Bethlehem, PA and Bath, PA on Sunday, as well as at Lock Ridge Park near Nazareth, PA. The weather was actually not too bad, despite the snow on the ground. In fact, the snow was an added bonus that I think really helped get some great shots. Plus, the couple were a absolutely terrific to work with and were super photogenic. Can’t wait to shoot their wedding in 2015!

Unangst Tree Farm Bethlehem Enagagement Christmas

As I expand my business to include family and children’s’ portraits, as well as weddings, I found it necessary to start a new site to focus strictly on family portraits. You can find that site at www.lehighvalleyportraits.com. This also means that I will no longer be blogging family portraits, newborn portraits or children’s portraits from this site.

If anyone has any feedback or questions, please feel free to let me know. I am very excited to officially start offering these services and hope you find them useful as well!

First, I want to note that this wedding was shot last weekend. I have never understood why it takes photographers so long to get their wedding images back to their clients (my wedding took 3 months!) but I try my best to get by images back to my clients ASAP. This one took less than a week, although I promise less than a month.

I really loved this wedding. First, I had the opportunity to take some great photographs early in the day utilizing beautiful window light. It helps that the bride, her dress and all of her accessories were simply stunning!

From there, things kept getting better. The church, St. Katherine, in Philadelphia, was gorgeous and provided a nice backdrop to one of my favorite images I have taken this year. It was also the first image I posted on my Facebook page for the sneak peak.

I hope you enjoy the images below!