About Me

“Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul.”

-Saint Augustine

I don’t know if photography changed the way I see the world, but it has allowed me to capture the beauty that I see everywhere. My goal when picking up a camera is to find that beauty and expose it for the world to see. Many photographers will say that they are passionate about photography. However, I find that photography is the tool which allows me to be passionate about finding beauty in the world around me.

The most important asset in exposing the beauty in the world around is through the act of storytelling. To me, storytelling is bringing to life, through photography, the connections between people and things. Often, these connections go unnoticed in today’s busy society, but it is my goal to catch them and document them to live on through a simple photograph.

It isn’t hard to imagine how weddings become the perfect setting to explore those aesthetics and connections between people. There isn’t a much more beautiful story to tell than the decision of two people vowing to live their lives together in love. Therefore, it was only natural that wedding photography was the first avenue I explored as a photographer and is still the main reason that I continue to utilize my photographic tools and skills today.

I hope that you take a moment to explore my website and contact me if you are looking for a wedding photographer to tell your story of love and commitment to each other.

Clay Toporski Photography